“Knowledge has three degrees—opinion, science, and illumination. The means or instrument of the first is sense; of the second, dialectic; of the third, intuition. This last is absolute knowledge founded on the identity of the mind knowing with the object known”

The 4 th edition of our signature product “Win@Trade” provides new insights and observations to “Trading – Art or Science”. Are you more of a Picasso or an Einstein, an Edison, or a Dylan? Probably you answered none of the above, but in some ways your trading style takes something from both the arts and the sciences and is all the better for it. Our Co-Editors, Maneesh Gupta and Dr. Aalap Deshpande, share their perspective on this balance of dualism. Read the Full Editorial here.

Our young and Elliot Wave Enthusiast Bharat Jain composed a prose on Trading – Art or Science

This edition features articles that are comprehensive, informative, and thought provoking. Articles have been authored by fellow traders and members who have a commanding grasp on their topic and the words just follow.

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Raju Sir Says

“Trading is simple, but we make it complex because we are complex. Let your Trading be like breathing, effortless.”

Our Chief and Mentor, Shri Raju Chowskey’s perspective in his signature style “Raju Sir Says”. Read On

Fusion – Backtesting Results and Psychology

There are a few numbers in any backtesting which make a Trader confident in his / her method. Dissecting those results and matching the same with your psychology creates the perfect magic for the trader. Our founder member, multi- talented and versatile, Dr. Rajeev Shukla, shares his fusion of backtesting and psychology. Read On

POM – POT – POM Trading System

Can simple concepts still make money? What if a trader can use a simple method needing only 5 minutes a day and have a Peace of Mind / Money (POM) with Plenty of Time (POT). Our stalwart and veteran member, Shri Jitendra Thacker, shares his simple method. Read On

Choose your Battles Wisely 

Trading is both and art and science and that is what makes it unique. One needs to come to one’s own ratio for mixing so that one can turn out to be a successful trader Our founder member, Shri Himaanshu Kansal, shares his experiential points for the same. Read On

The Follies and Foibles of Amateur Traders and Some Practical Fixes

The title of this article may evoke in you such thoughts as “Ah! I know this stuff. In fact, I too can list may reasons behind traders losing money”. Our esteemed member and a Chess Master, Shri Sannidhya Agrawal explains the intricacies of the issues and his experience on remedies to overcome the same. Read On

गेनडिग्री मेरी नज़र में, फिबो नम्बर्स के साथ 

Confluence zones are the best areas where one can get a trade with the right Risk to Reward Ratio. Keeping it simple, Our member Shri Amit Khare shares his method of combing Gann Degrees with Fibonacci Ratios. Read On

“The creative process is the same secret in science as it is in art. They are all the same absolutely”.